speaking of cheap shopping: Aldi’s (gluten free)

I pop into Aldi’s now and then but I can’t afford them, either. You should see the looks I get for saying that.

I’m not saying they have expensive food. I’m saying what I buy there is cheaper where I normally shop. I don’t do a whole lot of ‘snack crackers.’ You may clean up on those. And they’re sneaky motherfuckers. And I use that term for emphasis.

Their soya milk is seemingly a bit cheaper then your garden-variety soya from a regular shop. It matches what I’d normally pay -where I buy it cheaper than most places — not Target, btw, those mfers raised the price   UNTIL YOU LOOK AT THE OUNCES. Sure, one container equals the cheap bastard price at the cheap bastard’s place for getting it. I almost fell for it til I picked it up.

‘This feels funny.’

This isn't a hawk, it's a buzzard, but when they swoop down at your head, they kinda look the same.

This isn’t a hawk, it’s a buzzard, but when they swoop down at your head, they kinda look the same.

It’s in a different-shaped container and guess what? It has fewer ounces of product. You know what that means? It’s more expensive. SNEAKY!

As with everything, you have to watch them like freaking hawks.

Where was I?

I’ll pop in because there’s one in the plaza where I use the post office after work. Just walk on over and all, y’all. While I’m there, -can you sing-song as the nieces-3 do as Ta repeats her favourite things?  I price-check anything I’d normally purchase.

-are the new readers gone yet?

Since I’m Celiac, I can’t do most processed foods. Not to worry, I still drink booze and can cook up a storm, so I’m well-padded.

A coworker gets alerts from Aldi’s: this week (the first week of May 2014), they’re debuting a line of gluten free convenience foods. I nearly broke theGoogle trying to find this for you. After three attempts, I’m giving up. I just don’t effing care to advertise something I’ve never tried. BUT I saw her alert and it used little images of packages with matching branding, so you can tell they’re a GF line. There were things like PIZZA and pasta.

They’re truly stupid for not putting this out there more. Maybe they were going to do and suddenly lost the GF status due to factory mishaps. Keep an eye out if you shop at Aldi or if you are Celiac. It may be a better choice for cheap bastards like me. At least for that.


8 thoughts on “speaking of cheap shopping: Aldi’s (gluten free)

  1. We cheap bastards have to keep an eye on retailers. Australian labeling regulations now require price/unit information ie per tablet for vitamins etc, or per 100 gram for many foods. That helps a bit.


  2. I have to say, I agree that for the things I buy Aldi isn’t actually cheaper. And the things that are, are of too poor quality. For example, produce. It is always either unripe or almost spoiled. The fish is cheap, but smells and is “off”. The organics they carry here are all box products (I buy none). I go in once every 6 months to see if anything has changed, so far it hasn’t.


    • Bummer! Thanks for the warning about fish cos I eat tons of that.

      I have never been happy with their produce and would only get something if I absolutely had no other choice–and I always have other choices! Our local fancy grocery (with $8 boxes of cereal going for $2.99 at Target) has FANTASTIC produce at normal to dirt cheap prices. I’m speaking conventional, I’m sure their organic is marked up as with anybody. I buy organic when I can but only if it’s on special offer.

      Of course we grow a lot still. No 3 acre garden anymore but it’s 1!


  3. Yeah, I m fortunate for a lot of things our grocery store doesn’t price me out of the organic produce. I do actually budget extra for organics and cut back and search for coupons on other things. Now that farm season is coming I am doing a happy dance!! I spend WAY less as we have many local markets and farm stands! I can walk to one of them! I need to do pickles this year so I will be searching for pickle cucumbers and zucchini! I LOVE pickled zucchini!


    • Too bad you don’t live near me! I’d be happy to give and/ or sell some! We out A LOT if work into it–could never make back the man hours we put in BUT it’s high quality organic and ours! Sometime these heirloom real/deals don’t look pretty but they ALWAYS taste better!


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