Feldstein, taught us to thumb our noses since 1956

Mad Magazine PattonMAD magazine was a huge former of my grey matter as a kid. -it shows

As most things I received during my early years, it was as hands-me-downs from Brother. I could wax ecstatic but I haven’t the time. We’re down a worker, which means I’m doing my job, half of his job and then the person covering the other half of his job can’t do it, so I have to constantly get up, walk over and show her how to do things all day long, which means I’m doing at least 3/4 of his job. I wanted to post about this because I spy vs spywish that everybody could’ve enjoyed MAD as a kid! Granted, since my frame of reference was so different from other kids (no film, TV or children’s books — books but not for kids), a lot of the topics were completely baffling BUT the political and historical stuff was right in there along with sideshows like Spy Vs. Spy.

Feldstein’s dead. He started MAD in 1956. Long live MAD.


6 thoughts on “Feldstein, taught us to thumb our noses since 1956

    • I don’t recall the song parodies, I suppose they wrote out the lyrics? Danged memory! I probably gave up MAD around age 11 cos that’s when my supply went away 🙂

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  1. I can only remember the middle part of Watchdog…..to the tune of Strangers in the Night….ahem…
    Watchdog in the night,
    A stupid beagle you were,
    Watchdog in the night,
    But later on when I returned to my poor home,
    How your jaws did foam,
    You became a yapping dog, a brave and fearless scrapping dog,
    Whenever I’m in sight,
    It’s so upsetting,
    Now when you do bite, it’s me you’re getting
    Now you’re full of fight,
    You watchdog in the night”.

    Hopefully the beginning will come back to me. Lol.


  2. cooper says:

    That’s how out of it i’ve been. Had not head this. Ugh – another piece of my childhood gone. MAD ruled the 60’s.


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