Just home…Bobby

Isn’t that a pretty sight? SPRING and Bobby Dog Reed has been waiting all day for Sissy!



9 thoughts on “Just home…Bobby

  1. Aww, love Bobby! I came home to mass destruction of the comforter in Charlie’s crate! Stuffing EVERYWHERE! LOL Guess he wasn’t too pleased with our both being late getting home tonight!


    • My friend also has comforter-destructors! She only gets replacements on freecycle (they live in an populated area. Do you do that, too? Such a mess!


  2. He will not be getting any more! LOL I got him that one at Goodwill, for $7 because it was a nice heavy twill and I thought it would hold up well! NOPE. So now he gets thin blankets, the $2 ones and I will layer them.


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