On my way home tonight, the Lions’ Club -aren’t they a branch of K of C? were harassing vehicles at stop lights. -collecting donations for the blind

Two of us rolled down our windows to throw cash at them. In return -which always confuses me and I decline EXCEPT for a Buddy Poppy they were handing out rolls of candy, as they’re wont to do:


‘No, thank you.’

You should’ve SEEN how crestfallen he was!

‘But…they’re MINT.’

I don’t know why I think that’s so cute but bless him. I can live without the candy! Let him give it to another. But his poor COUNTENANCE!


2 thoughts on “Mint

  1. As a disadvantaged kid from the middle of nowhere it was the Lions Club that took a group of us to Sydney to experience a bit of big-city culture… we got to go to places “normal” people don’t see as a lot of Lions Club members were either wealthy or company directors. There were some kids in our group who had never been to a beach until this trip – we were 16 and 17 so that was sort of tragic given how much beach there is around Australia 🙂 They must’ve sold a lot of mints to cover our trip – we were there for about 7 days and there were about 20 of us. I still have really fond memories of that trip and the opportunity it gave some of the less fortunate kids than me (I had at least been to Sydney quite a lot by 16).


    • Still not sure what the Lions are…maybe their own group, not a part of something else?

      What a fab trip!

      As a kid from the middle of nowhere who lived in what Newsweek said was the most violent, crime-ridden and illiterate region, we didn’t have anybody doing anything like that for us!

      What we DID get was a group of hippies from New York City (none of us understood what that meant and I’ve still never been, so possibly I still don’t!) came once every other year to do a panto at our primary school. I’ll bet you right now, the majority of kids I grew up with only ever saw them ‘on stage’-never attended any other theatre or play.

      It did something for some of us, though. It taught us that there were wildly different people ‘out there’ someplace. Not everybody was the same.

      I never wanted to act but it piqued a curiosity for other people, other types of people who lived other places. It influenced me greatly though it took getting a job in Europe to be my first airplane ride at almost 23 and I got to see my first beach about 6 months later (La Baulle). It was winter but I walked on sand and heard the ocean:)

      Great memories!


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