Yee doggies! 50 years and all we got is a t-shirt (and photo)


not my elderly toddlers

not my elderly toddlers

In addition to the low brow his and hers t-shirts I designed for my elderly toddlers’ upcoming 50th Anniversary, I ordered a ceramic and gold embossed (I think that means pretend paint, though it weren’t cheap) frame which I’ll fill with a photo they’d like from the 1970s.



Why yes, that is a cow in the background

Why yes, that is a cow in the background

The photo isn’t special other than they were young enough to look hawt, which they’d both rather look at than their grizzly visages of today.





14 thoughts on “Yee doggies! 50 years and all we got is a t-shirt (and photo)

    • They would NEVER wear these and I cannot picture how badly they’ll take them!

      I offered an all expenses paid trip to an upscale resort in Colorado, in the HONEYMOON suite and that we’d DRIVE them the 2,000 miles because Spike won’t fly.


      They’re getting dinner in a ‘moderately priced family chain restaurant’ and THESE. Cos they don’t want Nice.

      I’m making my brother plant a tree for them on the ranch to commemorate but that’s everything.

      Mum would take a trip but I think Dad refuses to stay anywhere they don’t allow him to smoke constantly, wherever he is. He doesn’t SAY that’s it but I bet that’s the majority of it.


        • Bastards. Thanks!

          Dad’s already bitching about the tree (we live on a RANCH, it can be planted anywhere, even where he can’t see it!).

          I told him: ‘no worries. You have ONE other option, Brother and I are making a sculpture if you two to display up by the house.’

          He made a sound of disgust and walked away.


    • They liked helping with the toilet and all the menial labour I did this weekend. They CAN be appreciative but not let us DO anything they didn’t CONTROL 100%-think that’s it.


  1. Wonderful tee shirts……goodness knows what sort of artistic license you’d use if you were making sculptures. 🙂

    Mrs GOF and I looked slightly hot 35 years ago too….she still does but I went to the dogs.


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