Mammy story: 1st plane ride

I’d gotten a job in Europe and since the QEII wasn’t sailing, it was an AEROPLANE! 20140505-110234.jpg-I was just shy of 23yo and had never been in a plane  That’s saying g’bye to The Duchess. Mammy* was at home with the vapours. Poor thing said I was to go ahead and see what it was like but to climb right back on a plane and return. She tried to talk me out of going for months. While not addled/elderly, she was rather shell shocked from losing virtually all her male peers in their small town to the war. She thought everything was still ‘all blowed up’ and drinking water was a commodity. She ended up being right about potable water but the place had been fixed up since the 40s, being it was 50 years later. Bless her.   * I’m in mammy-memory heavy rotation as her bday is coming up. She dropped dead 15 years ago and I usually get into a fixation of remembering Lois Stories.


3 thoughts on “Mammy story: 1st plane ride

  1. Hold onto those memories MT for they are irreplaceable.
    We don’t often see the ‘vapours’ much more in the 21st century…perhaps that’s a good thing.


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