The other day as I arrived at El Rancho Reedo, Spike calls for my help.

There’s a mop lying on their living room carpet (dry). ‘I even read the instructions.’

You never know what mischief they’re up to, so I stood there, looking dumbfounded at the horror of the mop that outsmarted Father. The audacity!

Finally, I said, ‘What exactly is it doing to you?’

‘You’re meant to slide that down from the coupler and twist FOUR TIMES, they’re very specific. You try to slide that down cos I can’t do THAT, never mind twist it.’

The Duchess stood there making ‘hush baby’ sounds at him.

The whole whole I’m thinking, ‘When did mops stop being a yarn wig at the end of a long dowel?’

It was HARD to move the plastic slidey thing at all but true to fact, it wouldn’t go over the mopsy part of the mop.

Cocking my head to the side, ‘Ya think if maybe it were wet the wringing function might work?’

I left them to it. They’d have me hopping every minute if I didn’t let them sort some things.

Mop wringers won’t wring if mop isn’t wet, apparently.



4 thoughts on “Mop

  1. I wouldn’t have thought that a fancy mop would need to be wet to work. But then I recognise the “…yarn wig at the end of a long dowel’ thing as a mop. The one you just shoved & twisted into the perforated cone bit of the galvanised mop bucket to rinse out.

    At least he wasn’t wondering where the two stroke oil went and was looking for the starter cord. 🙂


    • The one I showed wasn’t the same model cos I couldn’t find it–after 3 pages of image search!

      Its wringer was built in and didn’t use the old bucket with a wringer.

      They have since used it and it’s okay at wringing (not optimal).


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