Mother’s Day or White Russians and .45s

My birth mother, we refer to as The Duchess for her high falootin’ ways. She has been known, however, when no one’s about, to be something less than Her Serene Beneficence.

I didn’t take this -love that whoever did had a smoke hanging from their mouth, creating that cool effect  but found it years ago and stashed it. I stumbled upon it, looking at photos of my mammy. -not Dutch

Not so Duchess -y at the moment

Not so Duchess -y at the moment

Dutch as you might find her day or night, in the 70s and 80s: Drinking White Russians and waving guns — at her best. This is the 80s from her blouse and hair.



10 thoughts on “Mother’s Day or White Russians and .45s

  1. I actually DO have more to say about this…but I needed to think on it. I think it is good that you can just put it out there. I do to a certain extent, but not on a public blog, more to my friends. Having a horrible family I think puts us in some type of unspoken CLUB. Where things like this are like “oh shit. somebody else had to deal with madness too! DAMN!”


  2. I can’t remember my mother ever letting her guard down…..there was a lot of ‘Keeping up Appearances’ in her world. I might have been better balanced if there had been some rougher edges on my parents.


  3. I think this isn’t funny at all! I think its very sad to me that this is what you CAN share…because it is totally not something a kid should live with either. ANd the things you can’t share…horrify me without even knowing what they are! 😦


    • I’m sorry! Maybe I should take it down. My view is skewed by not having a generic sort of background. Dang. I truly did think it was funny but I spend a lot if time horrifying people who think I’m the freak when I guess I sort of am.


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