mammy’s bday / Dying by XTC

-it’s her bday now, so I’ll stop on this for the next year minus 2 weeks


about 2-3 years before she died

about 2-3 years before she died

Skylarking is a fantastic album by one of the influential bands of my youth. It has grown with me, as I’ve aged.

This included the first time I heard ‘Dying’ after my mammy had dropped dead. When it got to  ‘sweet jar on the sideboard and the multi-colour tea cosy,’ I lay on the floor sobbing. It popped up today. I don’t cry when I hear it anymore but I’ll always ever think of her.

‘Dying’ starts at 3:34. Youtube says it’s set for starting there but it ain’t a-workin’. Song before is a good song, mind you, but I’m talking about the one starting at 3:34. Sorry for BS.



5 thoughts on “mammy’s bday / Dying by XTC

    • That song is from the early 80s, so had no connotation as such until after she died, when I heard it. I probably worded it wrong but I’d known the song for years, then it popped up one dat after she passed and hit me like a train. From then on, I think of her sideboard, the sweet jar on it and all those years of after school tea.


  1. I SHOULD know that song, and I don’t! But music and scent are the most powerful. I would smell a certain smell for YEARS after my Mom died and break down. I was unnerved by our last RN at work she was about my Mom’s age, wore the same perfume and had the same smoking habit! She SMELLED like MOM!! Very unsettling!!


    • That’s true. I bought some conditioner that makes me smell like The Duchess. Not her brand but smells like her, plus her cigs (some fragrances contain tobacco as a note). I won’t throw it out even though it was only $3 but I DO mix another product in to use, which throws off the scent.

      I do NOT want to smell like or be reminded of my mother in that way. Smell is VERY strong!


    • And Dying was never a radio song for them. I think Generals and Majors or Senses Working Overtime are about their biggest if only US hits.


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