dog years

Ever since Bobby got that hedgehog toy from IKEA, he has to have a Hedgehog (proper name). When he loves one to death, I sneak in a replacement.

Bobby tells Hedgehog why today is special.


6 thoughts on “dog years

  1. I brought an Ikea hedgehog home for the cats once, but they ignored it. Till about a year or more later, then Tumbleweed would stand on it and knead it, so when he got re-homed, I sent it with him. I think they are sweet stuffies.


    • Bobby totally knew it was FOR HIM. Our nearest IKEA is 1000 mi away (conveniently about an hr from FS’ new digs). I get fake replacements on amazon but it started with IKEA!


  2. Every dog loves a hedgehog! I think its the shape! That was the longest one that didn’t get demolished of Davey (my past dog) and CHarlie’s first “baby”.


    • Bobby usually dyestuffs and rips off outer bits (feet, noses) first. This set came IN a ‘den’ (furry ball with 2 holes where you can stick hedgehog or pull him out). He’s smitten! He de-legged it but hasn’t even tried to destuff yet!


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