Return to Sender, Ozarks-style

This card made it to sunny Southern California but not quite to my friend’s house–she does live off the beaten track but a recent Harry & David’s box made it with this same address.

The thing I want my Gentle Readers to take note of is the fact it CAME BACK with a return address of…

You don’t need more than that for the Post Marshall to recognise theClan.

‘Ech, Miss Lily done writ the direction wrong, suppose’n?’



4 thoughts on “Return to Sender, Ozarks-style

    • Unless you’re looking for a mate or job, it is. I tell people it’s like living at the bottom of the Grand Canyon.

      But… Everybody knows it’s ME down there!


  1. Our little Post Offices used to be like that….staffed by career public servants who would spend all their working lives in the same community. Now it’s all been corporatised and the staff wouldn’t have a clue (or any interest) about providing a personal touch.


    • Out where I am, the Postal Marshall was replaced by his DAUGHTER. ;p They have more people now (maybe, at least driving) but where I live there are virtually no jobs, so to get any job is a huge thing — and school bus drivers or the post office is about it! Unless you get seasonal field hand work.


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