Wah! I’m transmuting.

who's paler than a blonde with blue eyes? Her grey and gold eyed, ginger daughter

who’s paler than a blonde with blue eyes? Her grey and gold eyed, ginger daughter

Everybody has made fun of how pale / blinding in the sun / white / Irish I am my entire life.

Of course I have freckles and I’ve worn DAILY sun protectant since the 80s. Back when they first started selling it (not tan accelerator but BLOCK), it was in the denomination of 4. Practically not worth using but I still used it! Shortly after, they offered 8 and then 12 and as soon as they offered (15 and 30, then 45, 55 and finally 100+) higher, I’d buy it!


getting old, yo

I use moisturiser with SPF and makeup with SPF. I’m all over it, yo. I cannot imagine how much worse it would be had I not. I didn’t realise how ‘bad’ it had gotten but damn.




7 thoughts on “Wah! I’m transmuting.

    • It’s alarming! I went around to coworkers, pulling back my hair so they can see where the hair ‘shaded’ more (less BROWN) and they sort of hadn’t noticed it getting worse over the last 20 years, either. I mean, we look at each other M-F so, it’s easy to not notice gradual changes. Anyway, it was a shock that my silly joke has all but come true:(


    • Well bless her, I wish somebody had said something other than, ‘ought to shave your head and wear a wig.’ And THAT was my beloved mammy! She so hated my hair…


    • Oh! And BTW I NEVER had boys or men tell me how sexy this is–red headed was a sign of the devil and people only ever said bad things. NOW it’s cool and people dye their hair to be red headed. Never in fashion, even genetically.


  1. Australia, the skin cancer capital of the world, has had a “Slip, Slop, Slap” advertising campaign on TV for at least 30 years. Everybody knows it. Slip on a shirt, slop on sunscreen and slap on a hat.
    It’s been very successful.


    • All the sunscreen in the world hasn’t been enough to avoid my freckles running together…

      BUT I’ve read where your worst damage always happens as a child and they didn’t make any protectant that I’m aware of in the 70s. Perhaps all of this is THAT damage, catching up? I dunno.


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