‘will you be my best friend?’

An unfortunate convo.

I’m talking to this coworker about people we used to work with more than 10 years ago – in other words, often we’ve forgotten more than we recall, so it’s more fun to talk about that you’d think.

Then, we hit upon (he brought it up) people who didn’t like him. I think everybody -who’s honest  can relate to the feeling of wanting to get on with coworkers, maybe not have them love you but ya know, not dislike you, right?

offensive funnyI said, ‘He did not dislike you or hate you or whatever. He liked you, thought you were funny…maybe he didn’t want you to be his best friend but I don’t want you to be my best friend and I like you.’

I don't know this broad but yeah, that

I don’t know this broad but yeah, that


Now, I’m trying to think of how I can back-peddle.

‘Ya know?…Ya know?…Like…’

He now realises he looks like a puss and tries to play it off like he was joking and exaggerates a pout.

‘Why not?’

‘——- Cos we don’t like the same things.’

‘Yes, we do.’ He’s right.

‘Well, not really.’ He’s married.

‘Yes, we do.’

Sigh. ‘Will you be my best friend?’





4 thoughts on “‘will you be my best friend?’

  1. I would be ill-equipped for conversations like this.

    Previous post; I like the country honesty of people who open mail by mistake. Last week a camera
    I ordered online (and needed a town address of my friend for delivery) for Mrs GOF got delivered by mistake to another house in the same street…..no delivery signature required. Fortunately honesty prevailed and the recipients brought the parcel (after they’d opened it) to my friend’s place.

    Top post; They’re lucky to have Auntie MT.

    …..and if my bloody internet slows down any more I’ll have to retire again until it improves.


    • That’s a great story, GOF!! It uses to be that way but I had a delivery (UPS or Fedex) purposefully leave a package with a neighbour (whom we can’t see but on our road) — left with a person, documented, not dropped.

      Never got it.

      We have 700+ people across these 3 valleys now where it used to be 7 families.

      It’s that urban sprawl. While we don’t have quik-stops and Starbucks about, we have plenty of ill-bred bottom feeders who learnt they could better hide from the law out here (read: make meth undisturbed).



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