‘spis drikk og vær glad’

I say this now and then — moreso in my head than aloud since either my pronunciation is that terrible or living in the Ozarks, nobody knows what I’m saying (even with perfect pronunciation).

It’s a common enough Scandinavian phrase and you may be able to guess its English translation by looking at it/ sounding it out (sort of).

‘Eat, Drink and Be Merry’ 

My company used to print a boatload of stuff for an old bloke (think we started around his 80 birthday)’s family reunion, which apparently coincided with his birthday celebrations. He was FAB (we used his face on the items, like beer steins, etc.) to look at and had to be cool, right?

Anyway, they stopped ordering with the old man passed. I think they should’ve continued!

I sometimes have a Tourrettes moment and spew: ‘spis drikk og vær glad!’ -even if nobody’s eating, drinking or being merry

‘spis drikk og vær glad!’


11 thoughts on “‘spis drikk og vær glad’

    • My Norwegian friend in hs always said the other Scandinavia languages looked weird but were very close when spoken, so it was easy for him:)


    • BTW is ‘Scandinavian’ a polite term for an American to say? It’s meant as the collective region, nothing negative BUT Americans still say ‘Oriental’ never meaning anything untoward but my Asian friends say it’s a terrible thing to hear.

      Seems dumb to me as I’m Occidental and would have no problem with it! One’s East, one’s west! But Scandinavia, I’m unsure about using now that I’ve used it!


  1. In Danish, we spell drik with only one k, so I’d think Bokmål Norwegian. -?
    Makes me smile that you say this in random Tourette’s moments. 🙂
    Spis, drik og vær glad min ven!


      • My friend, is right! 🙂 but have some more wine too!
        Calling us all Scandinavian is perfect… and even if it wasn’t I wouldn’t mind being called s politically incorrect descriptive. It’s no word’s fault when people are discriminating. I’m fed up with people changing their words but not their behavior. I prefer doing it the other way round. 😉


        • Good on yer, Drude!

          I don’t mind being called a hillbilly cos I AM one! I understand that means a bad thing to some people but to me it means an incredibly strong, resourceful, close-to-nature person…probably of little means who is steadfast and loyal, possibly crazy and aggressive as one tends to lean when life’s hard.

          Just don’t call me a Yank or a Yankee cos that IS a thing and it’s not us! 🙂


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