Peach and vines and needles

The peach is on #1niece’s poor tree. It’s much assaulted by pestilence but at least alive, which is a notch higher than the other nieces’ dead trees!

The others are wild.







6 thoughts on “Peach and vines and needles

  1. I miss the peach trees that my grandparents had behind their house. They had a small orchard of peach and apple trees. Seems like the peaches just stopped producing.

    [inhales deeply] I wish I could smell that honeysuckle.

    Blackberries. I’ve never been a fan and get all kinds of weird looks when I tell people that. Whatever.


  2. OMG I am all about the tart fruits!! I even eat currants and cranberries raw!! Meyer lemons. LOL I pick wild berries on my hikes and they are the best ever! More tart! 🙂


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