To Ta from # 2niece

They were out for a day trip to El Rancho Reedo.

We should remember the importance of the written word, whether for art or etiquette.

Duct tape: it’s a thing with kids, not just your shiny silver. There are allsorts now and each girl got a wild print. Drink mix: premium COCKTAIL -thank you mix that I never used last Christmas. If you don’t put vodka in, it’s just cranberry-tangerine. Car: The Duchess’ new Cadillac. You read that right. The Beatles shirt: I’m always in possession of a few. I was going to donate this to a charity shop but recalled the girls all love them, so let them fight over it. –HAR

Bobby: obviously!



4 thoughts on “To Ta from # 2niece

  1. So sweet. And so glad to see kids that young know how to write not just a note but a thank you note. (I was very disheartened to send hubby’s nephew $100 for high school graduation a few years ago and never heard one peep from him…)


    • It’s a shame. I’m such a jerk, I’d ring the bro/sis and say, ‘Did X get that money I sent cos I never heard from him?’

      I’d say it nicely but you know, I’m THAT jerk. I was going to say especially with kids cos they need to learn but that’s not true (well, it is). I do it all the time with everybody because I think people need reminding. ;p



  2. I agree about writing notes of appreciation. Unfortunately it’s becoming a lost art.

    … might be for the best that another guy got the job (post below)….interesting to see how long he lasts.


    • I keep trying to get some out of work friends to get over there…I mean, the money — on top of if you had NOTHING – could make it tolerable til you found something else. I understand it was looking a gift horse in the mouth but I was blessed enough to have that option.


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