Moroccan-y Stew

20140609-110309-39789983.jpgI’m a big fan of pots of food. I mean pots of food all tossed in together.

I had some extra lean ground beef (96% lean) and some sweet potatoes, some leftover French green beans (can’t handle the actual bean/ seeds to digest but the outer husks, yes) and some fresh spinach from le jardin — I also added 1 tin (10T) of tomato paste and an equal amount of water. Cooked the beef first with spices and then added in the cooked veg except for the spinach, which was raw and cooked down.

I used about 4T cumin, about 2T cinnamon, about 1T chili powder (wasn’t enough, went back and added a few shakes of Tabasco Special Reserve pepper sauce) and that was it.

Pretty easy. I reckoned it would be low on salt with all that food but the green beans and tomato paste came salted, so it’s grand.

It’s not ‘Moroccan’ exactly but it does lean towards that sort of style (per my time in France, where we ate a lot of Moroccan and North African dishes).


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