screen time

I have been spending so much time applying for jobs online…and watching 2 new shows.

New to me!

I was intrigued by the idea of ‘Fargo’ the programme (loved the film back in the day) and was not particularly interested in ‘Orange is the New Black’ due to reverberating nightmares from my mammy watching years of ‘Women of Cellblock H.’ -wasn’t that what it was called? I hated that. I wanted to watch ‘Fantasy Island.’

Fargo isn’t as fun (early into the series) as the film BUT Freeman and Thornton are pleasures to watch perform!

OITNB started off a bit slowly -I was warned of this  but then I started getting into the characters. For me, it’s always about characters. I watched six hours between the two this week. That’s me watching SIX HOURS OF ANYTHING ACROSS 4 NIGHTS.

I don’t do that!

working class dogeBack to the online applications thing. Let me tell you something, it’s not easy. You think it sounds like an advance but ATS and the like mean you have to consider different things, not just the different things per placement, which of course needs tweaking.

I’m eclectic:

•Lockheed Martin

•Director of Levi Strauss’ Youth Branding

•County Library HQ

•St. John’s Mercy

and many more! The thing is, it’s not just your résumé you’re uploading. Even if they allow it, there are pages and pages to fill out and I don’t mean your common application that they’ve put online. I’m sure those exist if you’re looking for a part-time job at McDonalds but that’s not what I’m doing.

In some cases, it’s the equivalent of say 50 pages of info — which btw, you’ve already included via cover letter, résumé and PREVIOUS pages on their online tour de farce.

Sheeit. Lockheed Martin had less security questions and psych profiles than the county!

Mostly, I spend a lot of time finding positions that have already been filled, which you learn after wasting another half hour on that one position. I’m sure the ones they’ve allowed you to fill out are already filled, as well. I prefer the times when I can roll up and hand my résumé to a person.

I know a lot of retired people, who no longer have connections. Bleurg. I also know a lot of out of work people, who don’t want to hear about your job search since you already have one. Heh. Awwww.


9 thoughts on “screen time

  1. I’m finding Fargo a complete delight with the twists and turns, and yes, Freeman’s acting. I just started the first of the new season of Orange last night and now I want to go back and rewatch the last couple from last season, just to refresh, and then blaze through the new season. BUT, I must write on my novel this weekend, so individual episodes will have to be rewards for progress, not bingewatching!


    • I’m a massive fan of Thornton. He’s one if our best actors of the day, just not pretty and plays some weird, unlovable characters!

      I don’t normally like ‘soaps,’ so we’ll see how O goes for me but so far, I’m having fun.


  2. Hubby and I LOVE ‘Fargo’! We decided to watch it because of Billy Bob Thornton and was nicely surprised to see Martin Freeman as the other lead. Colin Hanks does as good job, as well as Allison Tolman.

    Have you seen ‘Orphan Black’? We’re really enjoying that one as well. Totally different from Fargo, or anything else we’ve watched for that matter. Another we love is ‘Hannibal’.

    And you’re not kidding about online job applications. Boy howdy, I’ve spent a lot of time helping my brother (who is computer illiterate) with this. It’s not as easy as one may think, that’s for sure.


    • I tried OB when it 1st dropped and I don’t think it’s my type of show — while I think the actor playing all those parts is VERY deserving of credit!

      Hannibal, I think, may be something I get back to watching later on. I read the books and saw 2 of the films. I get weird about stuff I ready read, so it’s way down the line if I ever get to it–it’s probably grand but again with the book thing.

      I am just now trying to watch some of these shows the last 3 years after many years away from any of it. If I had a dvr, I’d watch more, I’m sure!


  3. Good luck with your online job hunting. The right position will come your way when the time is right.

    I envy all this talk of TV. We have had bleak wet monsoon weather for 22 consecutive days…..enough solar power goes into batteries for just 1 energy-saving light globe only. No TV. Have to start a generator to attend to my blogging habit.


    • All of this tv is actually from my ereader BUT that uses electricity to charge its battery, too! I have to put stuff on it to watch at home later but it’s cool that I can!

      It’s a lot of extra steps getting it in town, though, but it works out:)


  4. We passed on Fargo — just couldn’t get excited for it. The Beloved watched OITNB and liked it (though I don’t think she loved it).

    I think the online application process is terrible! Those forms take everyone’s individuality away — how are you supposed to stand out? I like reading cover letters, etc to get a feel for the person. I guess if I had THOUSANDS of applicants, we’d have to figure out some way to screen, but sheesh.


    • I’m getting ready to work up some university post-themed cover letters and résumés. One place let you see there are SEVERAL steps. Another one didn’t but I’m sure it’s similar to all the gov-ish types.

      They do let you upload but you still have to grind out a minimum of an hour of BS filling out/ repetition.

      I’ve really got a mind for this Institution thing: get in and then move around is what everybody says.

      It’s BS but so is where I am. ::shrugs::


    • Now that I’ve finish OITNB, I have to say, it’s not for me. There are bits of dialogue that I LOVED but overall, it’s a straight-soap (not meaning non-gay, I’m saying it’s a SOAP OPERA with little else). Brother even calls it ‘my soap.’ I didn’t know he watched it!

      Fargo, I’m early into but it hits me much like True Detective, with being mostly bored unless the heavy-hitting actors are on screen. I’m sticking with it because it’s so hard to look away from Thornton and Freeman but I hope that I don’t end up as I did with TD, saying there’s 10 hours of my life wasted 😦


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