Today’s Tom Sawyer (and Jesse James)

You read that Twain classic? Sam was from Missouri and was very much one of us Mules!

Remember white-washing the fence?

I passed off washing Ta’s car as a fun and comfortably-cool pastime for a Missouri summer afternoon’s entertainment. Hey, when I was a kid, you truly looked for any excuse to feel that cool water!


I also love that you can tell Clan Reed is here by the books we leave about the place.

Achebe for the 15 yo and what looks like a mystery for the 12 yo. T



he 8 yo has squirreled away her things (she’s known to hide her own things too well but also pilfer others’ and then forget where she stashed her booty–just like Injun Joe or Jesse James (another famous Missourian) in Meramec Caverns!



4 thoughts on “Today’s Tom Sawyer (and Jesse James)

    • Haven’t read that one but they’re from the public library up in STL where they live, could be. Achebe is a renowned author from Africa. That kid is taking ‘World Lit’ next year and thought she’d get a jump on some noted authors.


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