Who’s your Granddaddy? [Longlegs]

Everybody’s favourite spider! While venomous, they cannot pierce human skin. They eat not only other ‘bugs’ but other spiders, too.

Forgive my hand, Granddaddy! You’re as wide as I! -there, at least



3 thoughts on “Who’s your Granddaddy? [Longlegs]

  1. Cool. We have lots of spiders in our house but none like this one. Always entertaining when guests in our house are confronted with the 4 or 5 spiders that hide in the bathroom shower curtain. 🙂


    • I’m highly allergic to spiders now after decades of bites just bothering me a little.

      Now for the ones that ‘should’ only make an itchy, weepy sore, it means a trip to hospital from me.

      Seems to me like many bites should’ve inoculated me but apparently that’s not the way it works.

      Granddaddies cNt pierce my skin, so I’m still okay with them:)


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