Bobby’s apology

Bobby did a runner yesterday, while I had the day off to be with Clan Reed on the ranch.

It’s simply Too Much Excitement what-with the kids and tractors and men and women coming and going…then, the Post Mistress came up to the house.

He followed her out, taking the ‘hit’ of an electric shock.

Once out, he went off the ranch’s perimeter and crossed the county road. This is big as he has already been hit twice that I knew of (once by Brother on the tractor and another time by a UPS truck, again, on the ranch-proper). He does not learn. He will get hit by somebody if he gets out and they drive by–that’s all it takes.

This is why we bought the ‘invisible gate!’


When I realised he’d not been seen for an hour, I knew he’d done a runner. I waited another 90 minutes between guests here and hoping he’d return. Finally, I was too worried and got in the Sportwagon to drive the road and call.
I barely got onto the ranch road when I see:


Literally, he’d crossed the county road and visited his friends, the beef cattle, and covered himself in fresh, wet shit.

He had come home but wouldn’t cross back through the gate to get a shock going that way.

I removed the collar, dragged him home and all the way to an Iowa Faucet where I commenced covering myself with cattle shit-water and soaped us both.

I was livid from the worry and then ‘new’ job of dousing myself in SHIT to get him, then myself clean — all while guests are foraging for themselves.

Anyway, I was PEE-OH’D!

Mum came out and I don’t even know what I growled back. She was giving me shit about not tending the electric gate (I had just checked it and knew what happened: when he gets super-amped up, he’ll do this! He has done it before!).

I knew what had occurred and on top of everything else, didn’t need the nagging and blame. I know I said something, probably ‘I’m obviously not fit for caregiving let alone operating equipment, good thing Brother is here. Have HIM tend the gate!’

I don’t recall saying that but I can tell you what I recall fuming about, that being it. Brother tried to not do it and she kept at him til be tested it-of course fully functional.

Anyway, so this is really The Duchess’ apology for riding my arse when a) I didn’t need that and b) she was wrong to begin!

At any rate, it’s amusing and most of all, she got to not apologise Herself. -HAR!



14 thoughts on “Bobby’s apology

  1. Awww, that’s actually very sweet! (Literally). And she doesn’t have to apologize. Silly Dutchess. 🙂

    Dogs! I swear….Ellie took off across the backyard dragging the garden hose. A long way! No cow shit yet.


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