re-migrating some old posts and rehashing my current one

Talk about cray-cray? I shut down (didn’t delete) RealMe blog because I knew that I’d be doing some job hunting and honestly, I’d rather have only linkedin with my name on it (or other career-related stuff).

I retained it because I figured at some point, I may want it and once you delete, WP says nobody can have that name. Being RealMe and all, there you go. When I left, I migrated all my posts to MT!

Today, I moved back over my reviews to RealMe. I reckon this way, there’s something out there. I may decide to move them over here again, you never know with me but that’s something I did in an attempt to make myself look less like a felon. ‘I’m a real person, see? I blog!’ Whatever.

I’ve applied for literally every position that I a) qualify for by the slimmest of means b) isn’t sanitation or corrections — I was going to do a parole officer but the description said you have to do to THEIR HOMES, I thought they had to show up to YOU. Nope. Never mind.

And I mean I’ve applied for all the lowliest shite, just get me some security, yo. Speaking of which, another worker drone mentioned something that made sense to me today:

‘They aren’t sacking us…not yet. They need us to train the others because we have the highest qualifications, then they’ll sack us.’ The Force is strong in that one.


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