‘Go home NOW. You’ll be paid through the rest of the day.’

That’s what she told me Friday, 27 June at 15:30h.

‘What about my stuff?’ –personal belongings, I’ve been here over 18 years

‘Just go.’

‘I am not leaving my stuff, it’s mine.

‘They’re shutting down today.’


‘Honey, you can come back Monday.’

‘I don’t understand.’


They just fired X, Y, and Z.’

‘But not me????!’

‘No, honey. Now, go.’

I was fully prepared to get the sack today, especially after getting voted off theartdept island yesterday. -due to negligence by mgr, said mgr got the others to support her, rather than just say, ‘oops’ This is what I’d have done, even in the current waiting to be killed workplace we find ourselves. I wouldn’t have lied, let alone taken the tack of accusing the actually wronged party of lying. I confronted my coworkers, whom I’ve seen as Friends these long years and they just shook their heads, ‘I don’t recall.’ To this, I responded with, ‘You’re all assholes.’ This is why, in addition to knowing they were looking to sack 2, I believed it was I and I was truly prepared for it, not for 3 others, 2 whom I still consider friends. As to the assholes in my dept, 1 I give a pass to as she needs 2 more years til retirement but it was still shitty!

I’m currently spending about 12 hours a week, actively looking for my next job as I still believe they will give me the sack soon.


I like it when you talk to me

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