dumb tech problem today: your low resolution youtube videos

IT doge

IT doge

Call me dumb -I’m used to it   but I couldn’t figure out why my youtube videos were so incredibly crappy.

I mean, if I’m recording in the highest res possible and upload settings are high as possible, what-with the CRAP videos?



Well this explains everything, as my internet at home is my mobile phone and my mobile phone is LUCKY to have 2 bar on 4G. I’m meant to be on LTE but let’s just laugh about AT&T for awhile, shall we?

So! If your videos are shite and you’ve done everything else possible, check your connectivity. Remember, just because you can view things (download), doesn’t mean you can upload at the same speed. I don’t think anybody does, uses different ports and all but I’m thinking of my entire history of internet use and I’m pretty sure upload is always a fraction of download speed. Well, hell. If my dl speed is crap? What’s a fraction of crap?

Dumb question, answered!


6 thoughts on “dumb tech problem today: your low resolution youtube videos

  1. And here’s another dumb tech solution from me. For years I’d had a problem uploading videos to Youtube using the satellite internet, and I’d always had to do it from an internet cafe in town. The videos would ‘load’ from home but never ‘process’ on Youtube, no matter how long I waited. I blamed the satellite. I changed cameras, movie processing software and even changed computers but the problem remained. Last month I changed browsers from Firefox to Chrome and uploaded without a problem……so it was a Firefox problem for all these years.


  2. I’m not sure of THAT but I’ve used FF and Chrome but since I normally upload via mobile, I can’t recall an error per delivery method.

    I *have* experienced a prolonged processing at YouTube in the past…that could be a lot of things (not the least of which your ISP or yt’s servers).

    I’m afraid that I can’t answer but it may be fun the next time you’re in town to fire up FF and duplicate the error by uploading a video that just successfully worked with Chrome. If it persists, I’d say FF can puss off 🙂


  3. I need IT Doge to figure out why my wireless router placed in my writing room at home, no longer gives strong enough signal for me to get WiFi in my bedroom. For three years it’s been fine, now it’s pooing out. Many frustration. Much irritated. Not so Wow.


    • Much reboot. So unplug for 1 minute. Wow.

      No kidding, an elderly router sometimes is easily dealt with by the old slight power surge / cache emptying unplug-reboot.

      Apart from that:

      Nobody’s horking your wifi are they? I’ve noticed heavy usage on a small router diminishes the erm waves.


      • I’ve done the unplug/reboot thing quite a few times since it started acting up. I have a secure network, so I don’t think anyone’s camping on it (I certainly don’t buy a big enough bandwith package for anybody to find it worthwhile for a lot of downloading.)

        I think I’m just going to have to move it to the cluttered space and cord tangle behind my TV to get on the cable connection there, which is mid-distance between the writing room and my bedroom.
        So spaghetti. Very dustbunnies. Wow.


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