Bobby does dishes

When I come home, I carry my miscellaneous shit in and begin a washtub of dishwater for my various containers that held water, tea and whatever food (I can’t eat ‘out’ due to Celiac and Fenton’s water is atrocious; I grew up drinking our ranch’s spring water and prefer it).

Bobby waits til we get to the part where I ask, ‘do you want to clean this?’

I skid the container over, he picks it up and carries it to his bedbed, where he licks it clean, then tosses it back towards me.

How he takes it to bed to work on it cracks me up but I’d never thought about how funny it is that he tosses it back was til The Duchess mentioned one day.

He’s a card!



9 thoughts on “Bobby does dishes

  1. Bobby needs to teach Charlie to throw dishes back. He leaves them wherever it is he corralled them to give them his thorough cleaning.


    • HAR!

      Yeah, his aim is crap, though, I sometimes can’t find them if I didn’t hear him shoot it towards me (towards being EXTREMELY general).. I think REALLY he’s just knocking then away from him!


  2. Adam read an interesting theory on why dogs take food from the bowl to the bed or carpet, or in this case dishes with food. It was because of the pack hierarchy and the more submissive dogs, or the ones that weren’t the strongest in their litter will do this to avoid having to fight to eat. Charlie sometimes does that with his food, and definitely if I give him a treat.


  3. I like Cindy’s explanation above. Kebba always removes food off her plate and takes it onto the lawn to eat….even if the weather is atrocious out there.


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