big baby (dentist)

I said that I’d never bypass anaesthesia during dental work again but I did.

I grew up on the working ranch and ate like people did 150 years ago. We raised everything (including sugar cane) and had our own mineral spring as water supply. I did not grow up with chemical-water. -Steve cringes. Hey, better living through Chemistry but you don’t need anything ADDED to your water if your water is OUR water. In town? Give me the additives but not for my teeth. I’m scared of the crap that’s pumped into our water supply! Then again, maybe this is because I live in Missouri…

-are the new readers gone yet?

I had to have ‘a little’ work done. I had a cavity. I haven’t had jack done in about 20 years but back then, I had a spate of bad luck. My bite is screwy and I’d damaged several teeth through use. They had to have root canals and crowns. It was extremely expensive but back then, dentist allowed me to make interest-free payments! Much to my horror, when I handed over $200 last week for a checkup and cleaning, they told me this ‘little work’ was going to cost another $200.

‘But I just GAVE you $200!’

Apparently, it doesn’t work that way. I borrowed (oh, the horror) the money and I will pay that back because dentists no longer take payments. I could charge it but then I’d have to pay interest. Just saying, when I bought my tickets for DC, I didn’t plan on having a problem at dentist! This week, I went in for the work. I bypassed 45 minutes of anaesthetic injections (little known fact: natural redheads don’t take anaesthesia well – I’m not saying it’s a guarantee that you won’t but I’ve had 3 anaesthesia doctors tell me this after trying to either numb me or knock me out — it’s a big PROCESS doing it to me) because they said LITTLE WORK.

I have chronic pain. You have no idea what I lived through as a kid but drilling my teeth can hurt but ech, it’s not that bad. I mean, comparatively. And dentist will stop and let you rest/ breathe if you hold up your hand. It gets done.

doge dentist painI ended up kinda wondering if I should’ve listened to my 20 year old self. That was a bit more than tolerable.

The assistant said afterward, ‘You are SO BRAVE!! I could never have done that.’

What REALLY sucked was about 2 hours later, I’m at work, and almost started crying. Apparently, the work (he really did shove me around) had caused some inflammation or the nerves were talking smack to one another? I don’t know but the pain spread throughout my jaw and ended up giving me a sick headache. That was bad enough, that it flared my spastic colon. I go into ‘bowel lock-down,’ not get the shits. I’ve been on tranqs since. And taking ibuprofen. I cou’d’ve dealt with the initial discomfort but DUDE, I’m still achy in the jaw and my guts are not happy. WAH!


12 thoughts on “big baby (dentist)

  1. Cindy says:

    Ouch! Sorry, I know about that residual jaw and headache, had that before even with the shots. Hope you feel better soon!


  2. My sympathy. I hate dentists but would never have the courage to have even a simple filling done without anaesthetic. My mouth is a dental disaster area….I inherited crap teeth, ate too much sugar when I was young and paid the price. Glad you’re feeling better. Keep those choppers gleaming white like Oprah. 🙂


    • Yuck.

      I’ve had my jaw broken in 2 places, so I know from REAL pain (plus other crap I’ve had) but I can’t help being a baby!!

      They said ‘little’ and that was more like moderate in MY book. Meh.


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