‘You girls have too many names that sound the same’

H came in this AM and tried to ask how I was doing but embarrassingly to him and beaten-to-death to me, he got my name wrong.

Most do. Even my godmother can’t spell it correctly. -godfather can!

‘Im alright but my name is–‘

‘You girls have too many long names that sound the same! There’s

•Lorna Mae,
•Laura Rae and
•[Starts with an L and ends a few syllables later with an long A sound–my given name or to the Americans, my ‘first name’].’

For them-that knowed it, I goes-by Lily — which is short for Lilymae — which is a nickname from my youth, making fun of how backwards-arsed my given name is, what-with being Hillbilly Gentry from the Ozarks.

-are the new readers gone yet?

Everybody in my family goes-by a different name.

Where was I?


I replied, ‘You livin’ in the wroooong damned state if you’re in Missouri and don’t want to sort us girls with long names!’

I don’t think k he liked that, either.

And that’s what you get for asking after me:)


7 thoughts on “‘You girls have too many names that sound the same’

  1. Doug says:

    Everyone in my wife’s family is called by a name other than their name. Very confusing for us poor dumb carpetbaggers trying to figure them out!


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