Big weekend

Took off Monday as we were going to get up to shenanigans this weekend.

As of last night, I’d drank and took some RX painkillers in an attempt to take the edge off my constant and increasing spinal issues (I need some vertebrae removed and replaced).

In other words, we were supposed to do something fun but I hadn’t heard from him…

This means I had my phone in Airplane mode by 21h. At 21:03, I missed his message but picked it up this morning as I had been awakened by an off repetitive sound.


He had shown up, unannounced, at my house, and commenced working on it–which wasn’t in my plans but I suppose, thanks!

Here’s his shovel scraping:


7 thoughts on “Big weekend

    • I’ve been putting it off these 5 years. They say it lasts about 8-10 years, so my idea is to not do it as long as possible.

      Not everybody has the violent childhood I did–which could rather be equated to being the ball in a professional rugby tournament.

      My body has lots of damage that started being collectively bad around age 15.

      My mammy (Gram) told me to NEVER get spinal surgery but she didn’t exactly have the same scenario. Anyway, I’ve had constant pain since childhood but the last 5 years it’s bad enough to affect what I can do. I don’t mean no more bucking broncos but mean sit for several minutes or turn my head, let alone sleep for more than 5 minutes together. I don’t like to comain about it because everybody’s got something. Mine started about 40 years ago, though.


      • I should not get on my high horse about surgery because I have been fortunate….every time I’ve damaged my back (mostly due to masculine stupidity) the pain has eventually disappeared, although sometimes it takes some months. Only you can determine what is necessary and it sounds like you’ve tried most other options without surgery, which is as it should be. Good luck with the outcome of whatever treatment you choose.


        • Believe me, Gram’s dire and repeated warnings are all that keep me from trying. I just am terrified that once I start, I’ll be debilitated to where I’ll never work again. It’s a tough choice. I know people who’ve done it for further down the spine (my worst area is cervical, though I have issued throughout, including spinal fusions via trauma, not surgery, in my thorax). They claim it changed their lives but they were NOT given the warning I was about it lasting 8-10 years. What happens is the work, even if it holds up, deteriorates the next vertebrae. Mine are all in deterioration, so where does that leave me?

          There’s a saying about a creek with no paddle!


        • It’s a tough call… least now with the internet you can do a lot of research on health forums and read about the experiences of others before you make your final decision. Best wishes with whatever decision you make.


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