Sand wasps and the Reed Twins

Brother and I both got nailed by sand wasps yesterday morning. It’s a slightly rare occurrence as they do not typically choose to engage with humans (‘non-aggressive).

If you read the brief article closely, you’ll see what these little bastards DO like to get aggressive with: flies.

I’m all for that but when it gets oppressively humid (we were 39C, 75% humidity with a dew point of 70, meaning, there’s no way for evaporation of sweat to occur and you’re perspiring heavily, just standing still, let alone shovelling and rolling wheelbarrows), flies ‘bite.’

They cling to human skin and I suppose try to lap up sweat but it pinches and is not a good feeling. You end up slapping yourself silly, trying to get them to move or die.

Let’s recap: sand wasps hunt flies. Flies cling to human skin when it’s oppressively humid and we’re covered in sweat that won’t evaporate.

Sand wasps–I know this because of my Doolittle abilities having grown up in an old growth forest with a multitude of domestic and wild animals–were trying to get some easy-fly-pickin’s, what with normally being fast but they were intoxicated by Reed Twin sweat. intoxication possibly being the operative word

Nailed Brother through the sock above his boot and nailed my heel where it poked out under the strap of my sandal.

I’m allergic to our paper and red wasps but apparently not to sand wasps–KEWL! Cos we had plans and headed out of the heat to visit a local cave.

Still. It felt every bit like a wasp sting. When it happened to both of us, we screeched and jumped like Flatlanders getting their hair pulled by a bat.



14 thoughts on “Sand wasps and the Reed Twins

  1. Ouch. At least you’re not allergic. I’m amazed I got back from Singapore completely unscathed from insect bites. Colleagues weren’t so lucky. Apparently, I’m tasty to mosquitoes. And the rest…


    • I didn’t mention a few mosquito bites–to which I am allergic! I’m pumping Benadryl still.

      It’s weird cos we were fully treated with insect repellent — and in the yard, not the Big Woods!

      Good to hear you didn’t catch any, the wee arseholes.


  2. You can keep these in America thank you. All we have in summer is march flies……nothing that a good powdering with DDT won’t fix. (Message for any kiddies….don’t try this at home) 🙂


    • These little doves meant no harm. The asshole red wasps and hornets and yellow jackets and … (We have many) are aggressive assholes. I used asshole twice and stand behind that!

      I caught some mosquito bites as well and I AM allergic to them, so I’m dosing Benadryl and Ibuprofen to keep the reactions down.

      The cave was cool and basically lacking in almost all fauna–our white nose syndrome has killed almost the entire wee bat population and that’s a damned shame as they eat the bastard mosquitoes!


    • I thank you, kindly.

      Not to mention I was reminded recently of Flatlanders venturing out to where I venture and how funny their fears are. They’d have been better afraid if an accidental paper wasp sting than one of our kindly bats. Poor wee bats.


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