silver lining: no pain! (burn edition)

I burnt my hand a tetch last night when I was nesting cast iron skillets (1 was still hot). This was a poor choice of OCD activity (wait til they’re cold next time).

The cool thing is it’s absolutely painless due to my spinal cord injuries and encroachments. Finally, an upside to arms and hands being dodgy!



6 thoughts on “silver lining: no pain! (burn edition)

    • I think it’s funny and cool but apparently, I’ve yet again freaked people out! ((You commented here but I’ve heard from others)

      What are you going to do? May as well celebrate small pleasures.


  1. I’m clenching everything I can clench…..I’m not good with my pain or anyone elses. Pleased to learn from post above that it is healing, even though the crater looks worse up there.

    All Monty Pythonesque stuff is gold. 🙂


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