Why not use water cannons?’

Ferguson is a township of St. Louis, my ‘home’ city

I get she’s not from this country and if you aren’t aware, water cannons have special meaning to Americans who’ve read a book if they didn’t see it happen live. Oppressive whites have a history using them on black protestors for civil rights, you ignorant slag.

See this link to the ignorant slag’s suggestion as a talking head on CNN:



7 thoughts on “Why not use water cannons?’

    • I don’t watch news but somebody sent me the link. BUT I have recently gone to a local news app and watched some Ferguson coverage since that’s going on here (in the city). But that’s a really special effort on my part.


  1. I lived in Clayton for a couple of years, over 20 years ago…back then the racial divide (including the North/South divide) was clear enough that one of the big news shows came in and did an expose that was actually pretty interesting–sending black and white people with hidden cameras to inquire about an apartment and showing them getting totally different treatment, etc.

    The past week seems on a whole new level from anything I’ve been aware of. Due in part to the post-9/11 militarization of police, perhaps.

    We had a somewhat similar story unfold in Cincinnati back in 2001. Maybe it calmed down faster because the police weren’t taking such an aggressive stance then. I don’t know what would happen here now.


    • Clayton’s an area I know well. I spent many years hanging out in The Loop, which is down the road a piece. My dad worked in Brentwood, so I’ve been all over there, too. Around those areas still are clear delineations of this street marks X and this street is where Y begins.

      The Loop is now gentrified!!!! When that started, I pretty much stopped hanging out though again, just a couple blocks this way or that, you get gated communities or still multi-cultural slums.

      I liked the melting pot version best. This isn’t as much about race as it is poor versus rich BUT that doesn’t mean it’s not about race because it is. If you’re black here, you’re probably poor.

      As I commented elsewhere, I have been at the stabbed end of Jim Crow laws. Mum’s family being HEREDITARY Jews (they converted to try to tone down the hatred directed at them) had to live outside town, in the black area. Jews were considered People of Colour. I had to lie down in a car as a kid so they wouldn’t see me breaking the Coloured curfew of Jim Crow, as well.


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