logging truck, 3 Sept 2014, Ozarks

07:00h, misty morning

Growing up, you still saw several log trucks going out a day (on a blue highway). Bit rare now.

Made me nostalgic and sad at our deforestation. Governmental reforestation projects always use fast-growing pine which isn’t native and the old hardwood forests simply aren’t what they once were.



4 thoughts on “logging truck, 3 Sept 2014, Ozarks

  1. We had many logging and sawmilling operations here until 30 years ago when the rainforest was designated World Heritage. Many with vested interests saw it as the end of the world, but tourism has proven to be more valuable and sustainable.
    Sadly our houses are now being built from timber which is a product of the destruction of Borneo’s rainforests.


    • In our case, you can look at a map for ‘Mark Twain Forest’ and find our families lands. The gov came along and paid my grandfather (this is the only one I knew, barely at that, born in the 1880s) to let the land lay farrow. Good deal since the Ozarks aren’t good for raising crops! That’s why we deforested our own land: it was the only money to be made, no industry but sawing your own down and then the strip mining outfits came in, which of course further decimated the land. We worked for them, too, til it was played out. Then my uncles and father lumberjacks in Colorado for a bit. They had more possibities out there. You’re pretty much left to free range grazing or meth labs here.



  2. I’m always surprised when we’re up along the coast in NorCal to see the logging trucks and sawmills still going. I know it’s very “managed” in terms of replacing trees and whatnot, but it still makes me sort of sad.


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