‘how fast that thing go?’

Stopped at the pharmacy on the way home. There was a tall, lean –stringbean. looking feller pulling on a balaclava. His dirty white hair peeked through the top of the eye-hole a little and as he tugged, a white mustache and beard appeared.
As I was directly next to his ride, I asked the question.

He was dead surprised and looked at me with huge, bright-blue eyes. You could tell he couldn’t believe he had heard me ask.

I waved at his VERY low to the ground and modest scooter.

‘You take that on the highway? I’d be afraid to get off the shoulder.’

He nodded, looking down at it. ‘Depends on traffic.’

‘I bet you have so much fun on that ‘

He kept looking at it, so I waved and began walking away. From behind me, he called out:

‘More fun than squashing tadpoles!’

I spun back and grinned. ‘And THAT’S hard to beat,’ waved and entered the shop.


2 thoughts on “‘how fast that thing go?’

    • I would but I’m mental. I also call business clients whom I’ve just met ‘darlin” / sweetie / honey.

      I talk to strangers…as if they were my kids…no matter how old.


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