Ozarks, Phelps Co.

Whilst driving around in circles  for 4.5 hrs through Counties Crawford and Phelps last weekend, I shot some video. I keep apologising in the video for not knowing what I’m aiming the camera at and you’ll see why! To be honest, I usually do RATHER WELL. I have had years of experience from photography -can’t claim photo quality but in this alone:  school, sneaking shots literally ‘from the hip’ with my old Pentax K-1000 (the ‘workhorse’ old school cameras that were still very accepted as Good when I was in school — we didn’t have your digital BS back then). Then, I was working for years and not shooting but the nieces-3 came along! At this point, digital cameras could be purchased for as little as 300USD and I shot video with them all the time. You learn quickly that children behave differently when they know they’re being captured. Sometimes hamming, sometimes hiding and otherwise not doing the wonderful things they’d normally be doing. The kids now understand if I’m holding a camera, I’m possibly recording. It has gotten so bad, I admit to shooting now. #1niece will slink away, #2niece will ham and #3niece will shrug and go about her business, all perfectly predictable, isn’t it? ANYWAY but in the car, where I often find myself, I can’t go dicking around, not looking where I’m driving! I do alright forward or to the oncoming side. I think it’s because I’m closer to the glass, so it shoots ‘out’ better. In Steelville, I switch angle to lower and the right assuming that was best for closer people on the pavement (not wide landscapes that I’m usually capturing). I think it maybe needed to be camera higher and angled fairly straight. Bummer. You can still see some of Steelville, though.

Jules said the finger of doom (when shooting from the steering wheel) was distracting but he still enjoyed seeing what he could see, so I’m sharing it. I edited it on my phone, using an app called Videoshop, which has many wonderful features. My old eyes, my small smartphone screen (iphone 5s) and poor content doesn’t do the app justice but if you wanted to know, there’s that!

Warning, every time I think ‘Steelville,’ I say, ‘Yeeeeee, doggies!’ I shall try to stifle that in future.


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