The very young and cute temp-to-replace us (an offline story) had his 1st day of training.

I knew nothing about him, so being myself, I walked up, stuck out my hand and grinned. When he tried to say my name back, -I go by my given name at work, which is a lot longer than Lily . I detected QUITE an Eastern European accent. I can’t place it but I know the vicinity.

‘And you are?’ I expected him to say, ‘Bruce’ or ‘Mike’ cos anybody halfway intelligent (please recall that I just explained I use my own horrendous given name at work) would change a difficult and…foreign name into something more palatable to the arseholes.

I’d love to share his real name with you but I don’t know Cyrillic and I can’t even guess how to approximate the spelling into Murican.

What I could try was saying it back to him.

He grinned at my effort. I reckoned it’s a good joke, going around, fucking with backwoods Americans (unnecessary / redundant), so I got a Laff. ‘How far off was I?’

‘No, no! ORIGINAL!’

I think he meant spot-on.

I don’t believe him but I hope he sticks with that name. He’s pretty enough to make it popular.



8 thoughts on “‘Original!’

  1. Hmmm.. did you guys see ‘a fish called Wanda’ ? John Cleese speaking Russian in his undies… or without them actually… (sorry, my brain works in weird ways, and that scene is hard to forget.)

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