postcards, ‘Miss Lily Goes to Washington’

Regular readers know that I not only love to receive postcards but also love sending them! -on my sadly infrequent trips

I shall be sending a flurry of dead trees by the end of October!

Will you be receiving one?

Years ago, I started a ‘postcard circle.’ That has fallen apart but I am still open to sending postcards to readers. There’s but one catch: I require an address and no, PO boxes don’t count. -except for those who are Grandfathered-in

Am I going to stalk you? Highly unlikely.

Will I sell your address to Corporate America? Facebook already did.

In order to claim your -lame. prize, simply click on the Contact page -or that-thar word that’s got a link. and shoot me an email with your physical address. I do request terrestrial landings as I’m not sure how to get one into orbit for a reasonable sum.



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