Capitol Calling

When I purchased my air tickets, 7 aeons ago, I went in for contacting the Right Honourable  Senator McCaskill of Missouri’s office to request tickets to visit ‘anything.’ That would mean: the White House, Capitol, Pentagon or Mint.

While I wasn’t keen to see any (maybe the Pentagon, to be honest), it’s one of those things–first time in the nation’s capital, ought to try.

I heard from the Senator’s office yesterday morning. They had approved passes to visit their office at the Capitol…for the week before I’ll be there. Oy.

I replied back that I was disappointed and I really was! I went from ‘Meh’ to ‘LOOKIE, I WON!’ to ‘Wah, they took away my shiny’ in one minute.

Yesterday afternoon, I got a completely different email:

Miss Lily Goes to Washington, part 2

Did I mention it’s ON MY BIRTHDAY?!


2 thoughts on “Capitol Calling

    • I was both surprised and grateful. While I could’ve applied to the other S or our Reps, I picked my fave–so that reflects better even if only one of her lower (no insult meant) level staffers.


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