So many things to say and none of import: Gin O’Clock

Tanqueray No 10Whilst in DC, Madtante got a free shot -oh, yes, theFree will influence one’s opinion  shot of this yummy gin.

Let me say: I like vodka, no flavours. I like dry wine and I like dry cidre. A lot. I may mean that I like a lot of each or I like them all greatly, both are fair assessments.

-are the new readers gone yet?

I think it only fair that my first post-proper of my trip to DC is about booze.

I drank too much of poor AussieEmJay’s wine but I don’t think that came as a surprise. The Manservant -hers, not mine  took us on a visit to a lovely gin palace and while that is a good euphemism, in this case, I truly received some Gin. I know little of gin. Obviously, I’ve had a bit throughout my time on this spinning rock but I typically think it rather…oily. I don’t know a nicer way of putting it. My extraordinary Welsh online ami, @cha0tic made some and did or did not allegedly provide some for me to taste (a half pint) one year. I saved it til St. Patrick’s Day and downed the whole myself, as one would expect (plus, more…my memories of that day are bittersweet: fantastic ride on an antique firetruck, kissing policemen and nearly being struck down by lightning–locals grabbed me and hauled me onto their front porch for shelter — I couldn’t be bothered but in retrospect, I’m glad They Did).

Where was I?

I’m not super-well-‘read’ concerning Gin. The Gin Faery gave me a shot of this Tanqueray No 10, though, and it was LOVELY.

Again, if you ARE a connoiseur of Gin, you may spit at what I say but I’m saying from a non-gin-drinker’s perspective, I enjoyed shooting this stuff. It was the citrus, I’m sure. I walked away from the display to savour, as it included not only bowls of each spice but also a bottle of essential oil of each.

I wanted to sniff on my own, thanks. Recall, I am a hillbilly. I know spices, yo. Perhaps it’s my love of citrus that made this special but I endorse T #10.


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