perhaps the most Touching photo of my recent DC trip

And AussieEmJay kept saying to not TOUCH things, too!

Listen, where I come from, we wrestle and eat whatever’s stoopid enough to get caught by a hillbilly.

This feller seemed sweet on me, so I settled for a snuggle. -allegedly as I’d NEVER do ANYTHING illegal–just ask my former high school students whom I constantly told…that I’d NEVER do ANYTHING illegal



8 thoughts on “perhaps the most Touching photo of my recent DC trip

  1. I’ve loved all your DC posts so far! Wish I could have hosted you – but our city is SUPER boring. We’d be spending ages commuting to the closest interesting metropolis: LOS ANGELES.


    • Oh, and i get it but more than you’d know. It’s 20 miles one way to buy a loaf of bread here. The nearest anything is 30 mi one way, the town which boomed in the last 10 years where i work. They have just over 4000 ppl now abd a movie theatre AND a Target!

      If anybody comes here, there’s no spare room and sure, outdoors stuff but even then it’s rather a drive to get to caves and then they cost money to enter. We have wineries but that’s another hour of interatate driving to one or another hour (maybe more) to the other –different direction.

      People do winery ‘tours’ but that means a designated driver hauls them from tasting roon to tasting room and it takes all day to hit 3 or 4. Totally something to do but a lot of time in a car and nothing to show for it but barfimg and/ or headache!

      You kinda have to drive someplace and then day-pack, then go home. That’s it unless it’s hunting season and you want to kill ST. Then you drive, hike to a spot, sit there, kill ST, then take it to register, then go home to butcher it.

      Unless you kill on our property. 🙂

      Technically, you’re still supposed to go register it.


      • Well, we’re not that bad – we have some good consumer options (good malls), but not many entertainment or culture options. Wine tours are big in our area too (a little too big, if you ask me – bus services galore), So Cal is a pretty awesome climate for grapes.

        What do you mean by “registering”? Is there some master list that says how many deer you’ve killed?


        • You are allowed only so many ‘tags’ a year. When you kill, you attach the tag and have to prove you did.

          This contols deer population (or ducks or whatever animal).

          As we are landowners of some size, we dont pay extra but moat hinters have to.


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