Où est la bibliothèque? The U.S. Library of Congress

After our Capitol tour, thanks to my request SEVERAL MONTHS in advance and thanks to Senator McCaskill’s office providing the reservations 6 days before…

I got to enjoy an hugely unexpected delight of one the loveliest places I’ve been!

While I think most Americans have heard of the capital’s underground tunnels, I didn’t expect to be using them!

We used one to go from the Capitol Visitor Centre to the Capitol. After our tour, AussieEmJay asked if I’d like to take the tunnel to the Library of Congress.

When in Rome, the answer is always, ‘Boy, howdy!’

We walked through what looks like any underground hallway in an university or hospital, up into an artistically inspirational oasis!

You could take photos all.damned.day.

You could gawk all.damned.day.

My little phone’s camera and mobile-tower uploading through WP’s app doesn’t do it justice. I’ve been over and about France and England, where I did some touristy stuff, getting paid to do so, not as a guide but chaperone. This wasn’t my first rodeo, as people say. -obviously I’ve been to numerous literal rodeos–truck pulls, too

Are the new readers gone yet?













And what one finally expected to see:


While I could’ve continued stumbling on stairs and being knocked over by other gobsmacked onlookers, we headed to an exhibit of Thomas Jefferson’s personal library–or what’s left after losing 2/3 to fire. This one can’t be blamed on the British, though the entire first Library of Congress being burnt to ashes can.

Kill whomever you must but the BOOKS?!?

You may catch my reflection in the glass case but I doubt it:


I like it when you talk to me

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