Bike Tours are a bit like being the last horse in a trail ride

I thought that I posted about this already but must’ve dreamt it…

(link goes to a brief video of my ride…see? Windy!)

I felt rather jealous of the happy tourists, riding in these rickshaws! There’s got to be a better word but it’s a sulky pulled by a dude powering a bike.

Only in DC — for my first time ever — for a long weekend, I wanted to see as many things as possible. Usually, when travelling, I find a pub and piss days away, talking to locals. It’s a good way and my fave. However, I will play tourist on rare occasion!

This was one.

After hitting a few of the Smithsonian aggregate of museums, I REALLY wanted to see the Lincoln Memorial, at least. I felt it my civic duty. Really.

I was getting faint after the 5 hour, several circles of Hell (not all 7 but most) tour of the National Gallery. I talked the going rate of $75/ hr down to $15 for a 20 minute ride.

Several sites were pointed out but it was so bloody windy, I heard perhaps 1/2. I did get to see the White House, though!

Sort of. Welcome to post-911 America. If you can zoom and and squint, that’s the South side.



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