let’s talk about my uterus


Short Story: I’ve been so ill that I coughed by uterine lining out. If I were pregnant, this would be a miscarriage…from coughing. Can you imagine the coughing necessary to literally rip your uterus apart? NOICE!

-are the new readers gone yet?

My body held it together for Thanksgiving Dinner and then crumbled. Or imploded, more like. I was geared up for a huge weekend of eating and mostly drinking. YAY!

Except I got neither.

I made myself a vodka drink once it had gone 9:30h — as is Tradition following Reed House Rules™.

I didn’t enjoy it, which is to say when I drink, I get hyped up. I blame the self-diagnosed ADHD.

I just felt bored (which is an unnatural feeling for me, I’m always interested in too many things at once). Like Garbo, I wanted to be left alone, which isn’t good on a family feast day.

I ate some turkey and potatoes and spent hours with the nieces-3 but wasn’t feeling it. I don’t think they noticed cos I bucked up and played Ta. They need consistency.

We eat early, so by 15h, they were leaving. I recall thinking, ‘If I don’t lie down, I’m going to fall down’ but I don’t remember getting into bed. I awoke around 22h, sick as a dog. Chilling, teeth literally chattering uncontrollably. Shaking so hard, I could barely walk but walk I did to take some fever reducers and drink water. I couldn’t sleep from the discomfort.

Around 1h, I started coughing and snotting. That wasn’t too horrible compared to the quaking and quivering and deep down pain from inside every bone of my body. My temp — with fever reducers — was 103.8F and stayed there for 48hrs. The next two days, it dropped to the 102.7-9 range. Then the coughing grew incredibly worse, deeper and you could hear fluid in my chest. As a person who got pneumonia twice since Christmas 2004? When producing that much thick, yucky stuff from my chest, I know that I need antibiotics. Gladly, Bobby had some. Yes, I took my dog’s meds (they weren’t doggy-treat flavoured but regular pills) for three days. Then, I traded up and got my own from the doctor. I’m still coughing up stuff but went to work Thursday and Friday.

I had to go back to the doctor after work Thursday since the…bleeding just kept going on and it’s not a time of the month it should. And more. Sure enough, as the Short Version stated, I ganked something in there coughing like a well, I don’t know what.

The prognosis is if it’s still going on after 2 months, we’ll look at interventions. Normally, I’m VERY (schedule-wise). I may or may not have menses for a couple of months. Since I’m a ‘regular for the last 30 years girl,’ this was particularly alarming. That said, I reckon the doctor is right. A lot of women have things happen and it sorts itself out. At this point, I’m hoping that this chest infection heals or I’ll have to get more antibiotics and maybe steroids, which I hate but I’ve been down this road of dire chest infections before.

Mostly, I wasted 7 days of vacation time. Okay, that’s probably not what I should be complaining about but you know what I mean! Being sick sucks. Being sick and having to pay for it from your own free-time and money? BULLSHIT, yo!


9 thoughts on “let’s talk about my uterus

  1. Oh my god, girl. You were not just sick, you were SICK.
    That’s just horrible. I’m so glad you are getting better.

    This reminded me that back when I had pneumonia I had a period right as I was getting over it that was extremely heavy bleeding. Unusually heavy. I never associated it with the coughing but it could have been.

    Damn! Get well soon my dear. It took me months to get back to normal after that. Hope it goes faster for you.


    • She explained that being VERY sick can easily make you skip or have a heavier one (because your hormones arent your naturally occurring ones). This was 2 weeks out from my period & had nothing to do with ovulation. Im still going as it were… It’s pretty crazy. I knew early miscarriages were ‘like’ a heavy oeriod but this just keeps going. To be fair, i’m nowhere near the 2 month mark, so it’s a wait to worry thing.

      I just wish THE REST would go away cos one end out of whack is bad enough!

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  2. Jeeeeeeeeeeez, and youch! I hope you feel better soon! (in the mean time, you might want to supplement with some iron(rich diet) while you keep bleeding – ask the doc? And seriously, bleed for two months before you start to worry?? Or did I read that wrong?)


    • You read correctly–not that she expects me to go that long. It’s that onky if it has gone that long that the insurance tables of ‘normalcy’ prescribe doing something.

      I probably will self-sort, which is the normal thing.

      I actually thought thevsame thing and bulk-cooked BEEF for work lunches this week. I always eat a lot of greens for my autoimmune and chronic malabsorption issues which mean i get low in number of nutrients.

      Thanks for the well-wishes!


  3. Being a girl SUCKS. You never hear about men damaging their reproductive organs due to coughing 😦 Glad you’re on the mend – hope it keeps getting better!!!


  4. Goodness gracious! I hope that chest infection is well soon, and that the bleeding stops soon as well. Healing thoughts for you!


  5. Eek! I have pulled muscles (and possibly cracked a rib) from coughing, but I’ve never coughed my actual insides out! Here’s hoping it resolves quickly and painlessly – the cough and the bleeding!


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