postcard, a very Aussie Christmas

Ooo! Two Aussies in two days!

Highlighted: Christmas card, ‘idiot bureaucrats’ commentary regarding train closure and ‘a big country’ postcard with comparisons!



2 thoughts on “postcard, a very Aussie Christmas

  1. Well that envelope certainly traveled rapidly……you seem to have a range of Christmas privileges including getting Santa to deliver gifts early… doubt a reflection of your exemplary good behaviour during the year. I must try and do better next year.

    Re printer on the woodpile….if you lived in any Australian town all you’d need to do was leave it on the roof of your parked car and it would be gone within five minutes. 🙂

    Have a wonderful holiday and good health and happiness in 2015.


    • Thank you so much for the Chrissytime wishes AND the Aussie goodies!

      I think people are less likely to steal here as we’re all ‘locked and loaded.’

      Not saying there isnt a lot if thievery but going up to a porch or touching somebody’s vehicle is ABSOLUTELY a shooting offense!

      Ya gotta wait til you know they aren’t HOME!

      I dont lick my car doors and sometimes dont lock the house. Somebody mean enough to try it? They’re mean enough to get what’s coming!


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