If I’m not mistaken, St. Francis liked dogs

Having lost my way, -literally Bobby and I decided to pay a visit to the Black Madonna Shrine and Grotto.

The Flickr Album of all 8 photos & 1 video, if you’re feeling wintry Ozarks Nativity-y.

While there are several Walks and Shrines, in honour to the Blessed Mother and Her Son, we took the Nativity walk and then the Mother’s Sanctuary, with pool. Bobby dipped in for a blessing but opted out of the Cure.

You can see the water coming from the Grotto–amazingly like Lourdes but smaller, uglier and far less trampled with absolutely no commercialism. -particularly in the less than 30 second video at above link

Little Ireland and more than you’d ever want to know about local clan pride … And a mention to Brother Matthew.

On our way back, we stopped at the outdoors Chapel, where Bobby promptly dropped a steaming load. ‘Good thing Francis liked the little animals, you disastrous Five-Year-Old.’

Yes, I had shitbags to pick it up.

Bit hard to see but this is a Bluff you can see through trees on the road to the Shrine. It’s at the bottom of the valley. This is a branch off the Meramec River. I forget the name but it’s along Lynch Road.


You turn LEFT here. If you head straight, it’s the Brothers’ Infirmary. The famous Brother Matthew lived down this road. My mother often sought his counsel when I was young. I’d hang out in his artist studio, looking at the propped up paintings til they were finished.



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