21st century Ozarker

Porches are made for sitting and also putting things like washing machines (when your house is small, consider the porch an annex), handy woodpiles, snow shovels or in my case a printer-scanner that has been in disuse for about 2 years. It only worked a little, every now and then and never if you really needed it to.

Since Santa delivered its replacement (which works 100% of the time, thank you!), it is sitting on my porch* to offer those who stop by. ‘Uh, hey. You need a printer scanner that might work some of the time?’

I had no takers from the party, so I’m thinking it may go to Summerland.


* it never occurred to me that this may look funny as people are coming into my house because I grew up in the Ozarks. It was Brother who asked, ‘is that a printer on your woodpile?’

Naturally, my response was, ‘yeah! You want it?’


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