Belated mincemeat pie *

Bubbling! –that shite’ll scald you like napalm. Kinda is napalm…

Ugly AND delicious!


* Macpsych waxing Chrissytime about mincemeat today reminded me that I’d forgotten to bake one? Enter the Oven (and a huge mess, including my bakery cloth & board, various implements of destruction and cast iron.


4 thoughts on “Belated mincemeat pie *

  1. Speaking of forgetting things, I forgot to tell you that your Christmas card arrived early this week, so thank you! After handling it, I had glitter on my fingertips that looked like fairy dust!


    • Mincemeat pie basically tastes like apple pie with TONS of spices and orange peel. Spike ate 3 servings ina row, ‘I coudn’t stop.’ Mum ate 3 but 1 at a time.


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