Cottage [kraut] Pie

I started to make a cottage pie today (excuse for the oven to be on….it’s day time and currently 50F / 10C indoors) but crapped out as I was trying to do about 18 things at once elsewhere.

I ended up deciding to use up what’s on hand: 2lb of sauerkraut and about 1.5C cooked spinach. This is onions and beef on the bottom, a layer of grated potatoes with vegan butter (rather than mashed) atop and apart from only coriander, salt and pepper, that’s it!

I didn’t care to cook green beans or a sauce (‘gravy’) for the meat.



4 thoughts on “Cottage [kraut] Pie

    • I’ve got 5 of didferent sizes. It’s an Ozarker thing. You always fetvine as a wedding present. Then, when your mam dies, you get hers. I did a post of my main 3 a while back. The okdest is well iver 100 years old.


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