metablogging: where it’s at

Per WP’s Year end summary, RealMeWP (not the actual name) is wildly popular compared to this dog and pony show. The funny thing is I don’t post anything there. Those posts are OLD and unattended. Well, except I got in there last night and approved a comment and trashed the rude ones, waiting to be approved. DENIED!


Maybe it’s because it uses a real name and people like that. It’s not that I’m more creative or clever there (or was, since it’s abandoned) because I’m the author of them all.

Guess it’s content.

Having virtually only mobile on-line access has deeply dampened my blogging and other social networking. I get to a wifi cafe now and then but given there’s 4 places within 30 miles of home for that–and sometimes the wifi is out–it’s just harder to do. 



2 thoughts on “metablogging: where it’s at

  1. I find that my posts that reach a larger audience get TONS of traffic from spammers leaving comments to fish for info or clicks. DENIED.


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