‘Should write the company’

Brother just sent this video.
It took me a tic to figure what he’s on about…I mean, it’s a double printed label. So what?

Then, I recalled, Brother writes ‘the company’ any time anything is different–and usually gets free goods or a coupon off next purchase. It doesn’t matter if it’s ‘nothing’ like this.

Me? I got METAL SHARDS in beef jerky and contacted the company in writing, was ignored, so I contacted them by phone (a little doing as they had no printed contact numbers).

I got a verbal thanks for letting them know. Granted, I didn’t actually expect anything but nomming on some jerky and finding metal IN IT? A bit more serious, perhaps, than a double label but just watch him. He’ll get a case of tinned tomatoes out of this.


2 thoughts on “‘Should write the company’

  1. Seems like you should be able to take something like that (metal in food) to an agency or something for them to prosecute (and by that, I mean get them to address the issue).


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