16th St Mall & more

Goddaughter attends the Aveda Institute down there, plus, I saw it as a sight-seeing destination.

Saturday was my first day out all week and by ‘day out’ I mean these people go to bed around 1AM & get up at the earliest by 9AM. That’s only Foster Sister. The kids roll out later.

The light rail station (end of the line) is a 15-20″ motorway trip from the condo. No easy walk. We parked and took it downtown. Fiancé attends music school (in a death metal band but is getting a degree to please Ward and June). He descended the tram and we continued.

The Mall is kind of Continental. It’s storefronts with nooks and crannies that lead to passageways sometimes populated by shops and other times they end in stairwells leading to restaurants below.

There are loads of buskers and to my surprise, a shitonne of hippies. I know! You’re saying, ‘Recreational pot is legal in Colorado, Lily, of course there are hippies!’

But I mean full-fledged, minds long ago blown wide open to let the Multiverse sow seeds that grew a riot of mixed-breed flora.

Speaking of riots, we saw what passes for a riot in Denver, apparently. It was reported as such on the news but I was there. If that’s a riot, thank god they all were on weed cos it looked to me like a cluster of quiet nd well-behaved people carrying angry signs.

‘Fuck the Police’ was my favourite. Personally, I’ve only ever kissed a cop and I was VERY drunk on St. Patrick’s Day, which to regular readers is expected.

Speaking of drinking, I knocked back a couple of pints of cidre at Euclid something, possibly House. If only I could eat out, I’d have loved to try their blood sausage or frog legs since those are faves.


GD opted for the least adventurous menu option, a fish sammie.

They also were kind enough to card me. They weren’t carding the other middle-aged people, which kinda made my day!

It happens to be St. Valentine’s Day, so I had a VERY drunk but well-groomed and dressed, stumbling, middle-aged man do a double-take and come back to slur, ‘Youshoobeautifu!’

I glanced to make sure he wasn’t going to grope goddaughter and that’s when I realised he meant ME! I typically ignore drunk flatterers but I smiled anyway cos he kindly apologised, Guess he reckoned he’d just hit on me with my daughter there. Funny!

Oh, and Robot Mike (not my video but he’s fab…I’d have stopped to record but another gentleman was shouting about Christ coming and what we had to do about it right next to him. I didn’t like to encourage that.

GD suggested a bike cab for a few blocks. The guy was chatty but mostly about his experiences along the route, which is grand. Locals are the best–even better when you don’t have to pay! It only set me back $16 for 8 blocks, so I gave him a $20.

Click this link to view raw video from bike cab to Larimar Square.


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